Occurs on Thursday March 15 2018

Approximate running time: 2 hours


The Capitol Theatre
421 Victoria Street
Nelson BC V1L 5R2

Performance Notes

× Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx (Sinixt) Celebration and Honor Ceremony

A celebration of the historic victory in the Colville Tribes’ Desautel hunting case, which recognizes the rights of Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx (Sinixt) people in Canada, will be held March 15 in Nelson, BC.

The event will feature Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx, drums and artwork, as well as presentations from key participants in the case. The Colville Tribes invites everyone from communities in both Washington State and the Central Kootenay Region to honor and celebrate Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx traditions, language and culture. The celebration will begin at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at the Capitol Theatre, a premier performing arts venue located at 421 Victoria Street, Nelson, British Columbia.

“We would like to take this opportunity to share our vision of reconciliation with communities on both sides of the border,” Colville Tribal Chairman Dr. Michael E. Marchand, said today. “Not only are we grateful for the dedication and commitment of Rick Desautel, his family, and our legal team, but also for the welcome and support we received from the community of Nelson during the lengthy court hearings to date. This land is sacred to us, and the people that now live within this territory have come from all over the world to share this beautiful place with us. We look forward to sharing Arrow Lakes artists, Big Drum, Hand drum, Flute and speakers with insight into Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx culture and history.”

The event will begin with words from Chairman Marchand, who is the grandson of Chief Aruaupakin, the last recognized Chief of the Arrow Lakes/ Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx, people.

Rick Desautel will follow with his thoughts and experiences as the person at the center of this landmark legal battle which recognized the rights Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx people to once again lawfully hunt on their traditional homelands, as they have done for thousands of years.

Cody Desautel, Colville Confederated Tribes Natural Executive Director and a Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx, will speak about the Tribes’ efforts to protect and sustain our lands and resources.

Finally, Mark Underhill, lead counsel in the case, will share his experiences and offer some perspectives on the reconciliation process that is to come.

The Big Drum will open and close this celebration. Brian Phillips and Larae Wiley will assist with the honoring of individuals. Artwork by Sn̓ʕay̓ckstx will be on display at the celebration.

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